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Just love it when the days are getting longer with day-light! When it snows, it melts fairly quickly. And on Saturday, March 9th, we move our clocks an hour ahead and all of sudden the daylight lasts until 7 pm.

The seed catalogues are coming in the mail, we are looking around in Valu and nurseries for the right potting soil and how much to purchase. And the crocuses are sticking 3-4 or 7-8 inches out of the ground. Will they be in bloom by Easter? Oh, and we had better look at the brochures coming in the mail for what purchases to make this spring for our gardens. Oh, the majesty of spring as God’s Green Earth blooms yet again. And I survived another winter!

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

— Abraham Lincoln

Available Tours:
Find out about each tour by clicking on the link below

Mar. 9-10 Philly Flower Show
Mar. 14 – Pancake Heaven IV
Mar. 27 – Gourmet Buffalo/Broadway Market
Apr. 23-24—DANIEL—Lancaster, PA
June 20 – Yesterday Once More – Bright, Ont.
June 25-26 Daniel at Sight & Sound Theatre
July 2 – Chautauqua – AI Lecture
July 6 – Windmill Farms/Seneca Lake Boat Ride
July 11 – Rochester via Amtrak
July 25 – Sun & Stars Concert – Bright, Ont.
Aug 5-9 – Montreal/Quebec via Rail & Whale Watching

Tours with Collette:
April 7-16—Collette: British Landscape – optional Paris extension
Sep. 19-28—Collette: Sunny Portugal
Nov. 16-22—Collette: Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights



We use Bedore Tours for our motorcoach transportation. You should know their #1 priority is you. Clicking this link will take you to their website. https://bedoretours.com/healthy/

Single and want to share? Let us know, maybe someone else will call who is also looking to share – this applies only to multi-day trips. We do NOT pair people with others looking to share, with permission we’ll share phone numbers. You decide.

Gift certificates for our motor coach tours are available. CLICK HERE for more information

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