Cancellation Policy for Way To Go Tours

Way To Go Tours has found it necessary to reinstate a cancellation policy to help us
keep our costs competitive. Restaurants, hotels, and attractions are not as flexible
as they once used to be for cancellations. Your understanding is appreciated.

Cancellation Policy for Day Trips and Multi-Day Trips
No Shows – Sorry, we will not be able to give you a refund.
1 – 30 days prior to trip:
If a replacement person is found – Full refund.
If no replacement person is found – Partial refund less costs
(restaurants, hotels and attractions) – payments non-refundable
to Way To Go Tours plus $20 Administrative fee.
30+ days prior to trip:
If a replacement person is found – Full refund.
If not, then a full refund less $20 Administrative fee

NOTE: Due to the higher cost of day tours, travel protection insurance may be
purchased for day tours as well as multi-day tours. If interested, inquire by calling
Way To Go Tours at 716-693-0793 or by visiting AON at for
Travel insurance must be purchased with initial deposit.
For AON Travel Insurance (Day or Multi-Day tours) – If the insurance
was purchased, and the insurance criteria is met – you will get a full
refund from AON. If you did not purchase the insurance or you do not
meet the criteria for the insurance to reimburse you, Way To Go Tours
will refund according to the above policy.
For Collette Tours, their insurance allows for cancellations for any
reason up to 24 hours in advance of tour departure. Collette will issue
your refund.