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$823/person double

Dear Way To Go Traveler,
It has been quite a few years since we have done a Hudson Valley Tour. Some of the highlights will be Kykuit, the estate of John D. Rockefeller with its beautiful Beaux Arts architecture. Also—I believe you will love Olana—the estate of Frederick Church—an American landscape painter from the Hudson Valley School. One of his masterpieces is Niagara—a water color painting of Niagara Falls—painted in the mid-1850’s when artists were saying water could not be painted. We are also doing a 2-hour cruise on the Hudson River seeing many of its important sites!

1. Three nights lodging Hampton Inn, Fishkill.
2. Seven meals, 3 breakfasts at our hotel, 1 box lunch, 3 dinners.
3. Professional Tour Escort-Jerry Waldkoetter.
4. Deluxe Motorcoach & Professional Drive

Highlights: F. D. Roosevelt’s Hyde Park; Vanderbilt Mansion; J D Rockefeller’s Kykuit; Motorcyclepedia; Pride of the Hudson River Cruise; Olana home of Frederick Church; Washington’s Headquarters; Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
$823 based on double occupancy. Single supplement is $226. Please send a $90 deposit when deciding to participate on this tour. Balance of $733 is due May 18, 2018. Or send in $799 by Feb. 22 and receive a $23 discount.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
7:15am – Bus report time
7:30am – Depart McDonald’s, 315 Meadow Dr., North Tonawanda
8:00am – Depart Tops Supermarket, Main & Union, Williamsville
12:30pm – Crossgates Mall, lunch on you own.
2:45pm Olana – The unique home and grounds of Frederic Church—Hudson River Valley landscape painter. Great views of the Catskills—while taking Rip Van Winkle Bridge across the Hudson River.
Late afternoon, Wine tasting at Clermont Vineyards or and Winery or Tousey Winery, Germantown, NY
5:00pm – Depart for Kingston.
5:45pm Dinner at Christina’s; among Kingston’s most excellent restaurants.
Heading to our hotel.
8:30pm – Hampton Inn, Fishkill, NY for 3 nights.

Thursday, June 21, 2018
8:00am – Depart Hampton Inn
8:50am —FDR Museum & Library—nation’s first presidential library. It displays photographs, artworks, official documents and speeches, gifts from heads of state, family possessions and letters. Chronicles the life of FDR & Eleanor. This is a guided tour. ALSO—Large home gardens were typical features of the diverse, selfsustaining Hudson River. Estate farms. When the FDR Library opened in 1947—these gardens were black toped over for parking! For the 100th anniversary of the National Parks—these gardens were restored including a Victory Garden from WWII. Research & planning from the staff of the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation was involved. This nearly two acre garden is located just north of the FDR burial site.
On your own for the gardens!
11: 15am – Lunch on own at the Everyday Dinner. I believe you will enjoy this retro “neon & stainless steel”
1:00pm – Depart for Newburgh—25 miles and 45 minutes from Hyde Park to Newburgh.
2:00pm – Motorcyclepedia -“Despite having little interest in motorcycles, I found this to be a fabulous museum. 500 motorcycles, most of which were collected and donated by one man, of tremendous historical value,” from Tripadvisor. There are historical artifacts to complement the collection, including posters, phone booths, pinball machines, and more. The entire museum is a labor of love by the family. 3:45pm – General Washington’s Headquarters – Visit the nation’s first publicly owned historic site and tour the rooms where American history was made. In the critical months that General George Washington spent at Newburgh, he made some of his most important contributions to shaping the American republic. It was here that Washington rejected the idea of an American monarchy; ended the Newburgh Conspiracy, preventing potential military control of the government; created the Badge of Military Merit, forerunner of the Purple Heart; and circulated an influential letter to State Governors outlining the key principals he felt necessary for the new republic.
4:10pm – Visit Hudson Beach Glass, Beacon, NY.
Architectural Digests list Beacon’s Main St. 5th on a list of the top 15 most beautiful main streets in America.
5:30pm – Depart Beacon
5:45pm – Eleven11 Restaurant
7:30pm – Depart Restaurant.
8:15pm – Hampton Inn

Friday, June 22, 2018
8:00am Depart Hotel
9:00am – Kykuit is a pre-eminent Hudson Valley landmark. For architecture, remarkable gardens, art, history, and spectacular scenery, a trip to Kykuit is simply amazing. This hilltop paradise was home to four generations of the Rockefeller family, beginning with the philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil.
12:00n – Depart Kykuit. We’ll have a box lunch.
12:45pm – Arrive Newburgh
1:00pm – Pride of the Hudson – 2 hour cruise on the Hudson River. Things we’ll see from the boat : Mount Beacon – the highest point between the Catskills and the Atlantic Ocean. Beacon fires were built here during the Revolutionary War.
Bannerman Island – this historic Island is known for its warehouse, built to resemble a Scottish Castle. Breakneck Mountain – legend has it that the mountain was named for a farmer’s bull that fell down the cliff and broke its neck. A granite quarry at its base supplied material for the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge, the base of the Statue of Liberty, and sidewalks in New York City. Cold Spring – a quaint town known for its restaurants and antiques. Note where we are having dinner.World’s End – the deepest point of the Hudson River. Explorers believed that the river stopped there, but eventually realized that after the sharp “S” bend it continued beyond.Constitution Island – during the Revolutionary War, chains were run from here to West Point.
West Point – US Military Academy.
3:15pm – Depart for dinner in Cold Springs.
3:45pm – Arrive Cold Spring
5:30pm – Hudson House. Historic inn, good food, good views. A little extra time is planned to stroll the riverside park in front of it and have a scoop of “The World’s Best Homemade Ice Cream,” Moo Moo’s Creamery.
7:30pm – Head for our hotel.

Saturday – June 23, 2018
Breakfast and checkout
8:00am – Depart hotel
8:30am – Walkway over the Hudson River:In October 2009, the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park opened. The park provides access to the Hudson River’s breathtaking landscape for pedestrians, hikers, joggers, bicyclists, and people with disabilities. The bridge deck stands 212 feet above the river’s surface and is 6,768 feet (1.28 miles) long, making it the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the world.
9:45am – Depart Poughkeepsie
10:16am – Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome – – “We are a living, working airfield and Museum operating in an authentic setting. Bring your camera–there is no other aviation Museum quite like the Aerodrome. Weekdays there is no scheduled flying but you may see test flights and our mechanics doing maintenance.”
11:15am – Depart Rhinebeck for Crossgates Mall
12:30pm – Crossgates Mall, lunch on own
5:00pm – Arrive Tops Williamsville
5:40pm – Arrive McDonalds NT
Itinerary subject to change.
Notes: 1. Kill – As a body of water, a kill is a creek. The word comes from the Middle Dutch kille, meaning “riverbed” or “water channel”. The term is used in areas of Dutch influence. Fishkill, Catskill, Val-Kill,
Peekskill et. al. 2. Tour involves a lot of walking
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