National Comedy Center

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National Comedy Center
Jamestown, NY
Monday, October 29, 2018 $102.

Dear Way To Go Traveler,
The New National Comedy Center opens in Jamestown, NY in August, 2018. This is the new National Comedy Center—which contains “50+
immersive exhibits that will be digitally tailored to each guest’s person comedic interests.” The ribbon cutting is planned for August 4th. Way To Go Tours is scheduling a day-trip at the Comedy Center after the initial opening summer rush is over! This exhibit includes the nation’s first Hologram Comedy Club. It has 3 gift shops and 37,000 square feet of exhibit space. This should be quite a
Our itinerary: Monday Oct. 29, 2018. Cost Per Person: $102
6:45am—Bus report time
7:00am—Leave McDonalds, Meadow Dr., North Tonawanda
7:30am—Arrive at Tops, Main Street by Union Rd., Williamsville
9:00am—Open new National Comedy Center
12:30pm—Leave Comedy Museum for lunch, each traveler will receive 2
cookies from Ecklof Bakery to hold them over! (Award winning cookie!)
12:45pm—Lunch at 3C’s Catering in Falconer, NY
2:00pm—Leave for a 2 hour highlight tour with local guide regarding the Lucille Ball—this will include the new statue of Lucy (not scary Lucy) Lake View Cemetery: See the Ball Family Plot and Lucy’s grave. Larry King—when his show was in its prime— said, “Lucille Ball is the most recognizable woman in the world.” Somewhere in the world every minute of every day there is an “I Love Lucy” rerun playing on TV.
4pm—Leave Jamestown for Williamsville
5:30pm—Arrive at Tops, Williamsville
6:00pm—Arrive at McDonalds, Meadow Dr., North Tonawanda
Itinerary is flexible depending on weather & traffic conditions!
P.S.—Lunch at 3C’s Catering is at the Falcon’s Club. Yes, this is the place where a few years back—over half the travelers on our motorcoach said this was the best carrot dish they ever tasted!
Send check to: Way To Go Tours, 580 Ward Rd., North Tonawanda, NY 14120.
Questions: Call Jerry or Jeff at 693-0793. Thank You