Dear Jerry Waldkoetter (tour guide) Thank you for welcoming all of us District Presidents Administrative Assistants to Buffalo, NY. We thoroughly enjoyed traveling around the city, visiting Niagara Falls, and eating delicious Buffalo Wings. We had a great time! Sept 2023

Jerry, You are a wealth of knowledge! Thank you for sharing so many great facts of Buffalo with us. Jill D Sept 2023

Dear Jerry, Thank you for being our tour guide and for arranging such a wonderful time at Maid of the Mist, touring Buffalo, and dinner at the Anchor Bar. It was wonderful! Kathy S

What an amazing job! You have been wonderful to work with. Ruth Sept 2023

Thank you for sharing us Buffalo! Congrats on 40 years! Andrew Sept 2023

Jerry – This was my first time traveling with your company. And I was very impressed with the tour to the Ark Encounter and other points of interest. They were wonderful. So glad that I had the opportunity to go on this tour. The travel time went by so fast with the stories you told and the Lid Bits of information you shared. Plus the games were great. What a fun way to pass the time. You made this tour very enjoyable for me, ”Way To Go.” Christine M. June 2023

Dear Jerry, Thank you for the lovely trip to the Ark! We really enjoyed it and you so much. We can’t want until the next trip. God Bless, Ron & Bonnie S. June 2023

Jerry, Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for such a fun trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania! Starting each day with prayer and ending our time together with prayer was so heartwarming. Your knowledge of all things relating to travel and your stories were wonderful. Playing Bingo and other brain teasers kept us all involved with each other not just bus mates across the aisle and your snacks always were very welcomed. You are a master at what you do, thank you again for a trip we will never forget – Queen Esther and your kindness. Sincerely, Larry & Kyle. Nov 18, 2021.

Greetings Jerry!  Queen Esther was the most royal spectacle I’ve seen at the Sight & Sound Theatre. The Persian architecture of the gates guarding the city of Susa and the magnificent palace were always the center of attention. Brilliant colors, costumes, jewelry, tiaras and Persian lanterns all added to the magic. Also, the gardens and room decors were ethnic. The birds, animals and the Camilla, the Afghan hound were spectacular!! Wonderful Story!

Greetings Jerry! — The Rochester train ride and Canandaigua Lady trip was wonderful —- Why? – It has been 50 years since I traveled by train – At the Rochester Farmer’s Market, plums and baked goods were on my list – The Park Avenue Pub & Grill chicken was perfect. – I never saw a lighthouse in person and I climbed to the top – I never saw a paddleboat in person and I cruised Canandaigua Lake A PERFECT DAY TRIP!